LinkedIn Webinar

LinkedIn the Sandler Way Webinar – May 17th

Listen to the preview podcast for our upcoming LinkedIn webinar.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a tech wizard to grow your business through social selling. You can use LinkedIn and your own network of business contacts, to take a proactive, client-centered view of prospecting on social media.

This free webinar on May 17th at 2 pm EST – 11 am PST cuts through all the noise, tech-speak, and misconceptions about LinkedIn and social selling. Join Sandler Training CEO, Dave Mattson and Mike Montague, Director of Content Marketing for this special online training session. Both Dave and Mike were contributors to the Sandler Training / LinkedIn collaboration, LinkedIn the Sandler Way. Register for the webinar now and get a complimentary PDF version of the book.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Change the Game for Social Selling
  • Create A Client-Attracting Profile
  • Get Connected With Prospects & Clients
  • Search For Quality Leads & Prospects
  • Make Contact With Decision-Makers

Dave and Mike will share these 5 big ideas for prospecting and social selling on LinkedIn, as well as, powerful best practices to help salespeople take action on them immediately.  The techniques shared in this webinar are endorsed by LinkedIn themselves and were created in a partnership to teach salespeople how to create a social selling plan to attract, a­nd make contact with, and close more prospects.

There are various definitions to “social selling”, but as Mike simply puts it, social selling is about leveraging your professional social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, starting interesting conversations, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals. This is NOT a social media marketing webinar, this is for salespeople!

Learn how to create a plan for salespeople that uses all the new tools available on LinkedIn to take prospects from click to close…

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