The Best Way to Get Rid of a Bomb

The Best Way to Get Rid of a Bomb – Thinking Bigger Business

Why it’s better to raise (and address) potential problems before a prospective buyer notices them.

Have you ever lost a sale because of a problem you could have and probably should have dealt with earlier in the sales process? Have you ever lost a customer because you waited too long to tell them about a delay or defect? If you know a problem is going to blow up in your face, defuse it now.

In sales, it is often better if you bring up the issue before the prospect does. It builds trust, saves time and relieves stress for both parties. Sometimes, salespeople stress themselves out by refusing to tell a prospect or client bad news. Other times, they are afraid to lose the sale by telling a prospect no to an unreasonable demand. Don’t let the fear of looking bad or losing momentum stop you from addressing the most important issues.

The best way to deliver bad news is quickly and gently. Don’t make the problem worse by waiting for the bomb to blow up. Instead, simply ask in a nurturing tone if you can share some unpleasant news. It might sound something like this.

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