Invest in the Power of Training

A lot of small businesses struggle with employee development. If you train people and they leave, it hurts. If you don’t train them and they stay, it hurts even more! When thinking about employee development, ask yourself this one question: Does my organization consistently contribute to the growth of its people in a manner that leads to positive results for them and the company?
The 4 Messages You Need to Start Closing More Deals from LinkedIn

The 4 Messages You Need to Start Closing More Deals from LinkedIn

It’s a fact -- salespeople prefer making “warm calls” to “cold calls,” and they always will. Fortunately, if you’ve got a LinkedIn account and a few active connections, you’re in a good position to use the networking site to elicit powerful referrals that make a “warm” call a whole lot easier to execute. Here are two strategies to consider.
The #1 Reason Most Salespeople Aren't Getting Any Results from Social Selling

The #1 Reason Most Salespeople Aren't Getting Any Results from Social Selling

What is social selling? It’s one of those terms you probably hear a lot but may not be able to define. At Sandler Training, we define social selling as: “Using online networks and resources to add more prospects, opportunities, and information to your sales pipeline.”
The Social Seller's Bill of Rights

The Social Seller's Bill of Rights

“Despite some opinions, salespeople do have a ‘Bill of Rights.’ “ Many years ago, David Sandler -- a sales training and personal development pioneer -- summarized the inalienable rights all salespeople hold. This powerful list has made a big difference in my life, and recently I’ve noticed its principles are relevant to the emerging discipline of social selling. Here are the top 10 rights of social sellers. (The italicized notes are mine. This was published on the HubSpot Sales Blog.)
networking on linkedin

LinkedIn for Networking - Sandler Blog

Any professional can benefit from a strong LinkedIn profile and plan, but if you are interested in expanding your network or cultivating prospects, a presence on the busy site is a must.
The Best Way to Get Rid of a Bomb

The Best Way to Get Rid of a Bomb - Thinking Bigger Business

Why it’s better to raise (and address) potential problems before a prospective buyer notices them. Have you ever lost a sale because of a problem you could have and probably should have dealt with earlier in the sales process? Have you ever lost a customer because you waited too long to tell them about a delay or defect? If you know a problem is going to blow up in your face, defuse it now.
Hire Power

How to Hire a Successful Salesperson - Thinking Bigger Business Media

Here are five tips for finding a rep who’ll bring you more business. Follow these five steps when hiring your salesperson to increase your chances of making a profitable hire.

Physical & Mental Activities to Strengthen Your Leadership Skills

The best and fastest way to get a better team and better results is to become a better manager. Investing time, money, and energy into building your leadership skills can show a return-on-investment for the rest of your life. Here are four physical and mental things you can do to strengthen your leadership skills.

3 Ways to Close the Year Strong with No Stress

As the Holidays approach and the year ends, businesses are preparing for the final push to ensure that their organizations reach their annual sales goals. It can be a time of considerable stress on sales teams and managers trying to reach the highest possible numbers and reap the benefits for themselves and their business. Not to mention, you still have to balance time off for the holidays and keep the family happy.

3 Ways to Prevent Stress from Affecting Your Health

Stress is a critical part of the human experience. It’s your body’s reaction to extreme environmental changes, a heightened sense of danger, or emotional anxiety. Your body has three ways of dealing with stress: fight, flight or freeze. All of these can be good, if you’re in the path of an oncoming car, need a boost of adrenaline for a sporting competition, or you are suddenly face-to-face with a grizzly bear.
Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Here are a few steps you can take to help your marketing and sales departments work better together for a smoother customer experience and to improve your company's profitability.

How to Succeed at Social Selling Podcast

You don't have to be a tech wizard to grow your business through social selling. You can use your network of business contacts, to take a proactive, client-centered view of prospecting on social media. This special bonus podcast cuts through all the noise, tech-speak, and misconceptions about LinkedIn and social selling.
Sales Management

How to Succeed at Sales Management (Blog)

Many sales managers attempt to manage their team simply by looking at the team’s numbers. The manager constantly looks at how many opportunities are in the pipeline. They track the number of appointments, proposals and, of course, the number of sales made for the month. Then, the manager will attempt to hold their team accountable for maintaining some pre-determined level of results.

Springtime in Kansas City

The spring is a great time to explore Kansas City. The fountains, statues and parks that make KC special are at their most beautiful this time of year. Here are few great parks, which you might want to explore during you time in the city.

How to Succeed at Sales: The Solution

How Can You Succeed in Sales? Now that we have a thorough understanding of the problem from last week's post, let’s look at the solution. We call it the Sandler Selling System. It involves strategically developing your sales process to build trust, set up a mutually beneficial arrangement, qualify prospects as ideal clients, and demonstrate a unique value. Imagine if you talked only to the absolutely correct people. Imagine having the best sales conversations possible with qualified prospects who wanted to talk to you. Imagine being invited, instead of begging for appointments. Imagine no longer wasting time or money on people who will not buy. We have a saying at Sandler, “Selling things people want to buy to people who have money and decision-making authority is not cheating!” It is the way sales should be… Do you think it would be possible to actually sell more and sell more easily? Could you actually spend less time, money and energy on business development and enjoy more revenue and profit? When you stop trying to sell to everyone, you can actually invest time and effort to build real ideal client relationships with qualified prospects. You can work smarter instead of harder.
traditional salesperson

How to Succeed at Sales: The Problem

As a buyer, what comes to mind when you think of the word, “Salesperson”? Usually what comes to mind are things like… used cars, polyester suits, briefcases, and flip charts or PowerPoint presentations. Many people dislike dealing with salespeople, and some even shudder at the thought of being one. In our experience, more than half of the salespeople out there don’t like selling and work hard to avoid looking like a ”typical” salesperson. Few, if any, children grow up dreaming of being salespeople, yet it is the most common profession in the world. Why is that?

New Sandler Blog: How to Succeed at Goal Setting

We know from some extensive research on goal setting that most people make a New Year’s wish instead of a resolution. Most of them don’t even write it down, and then most of them give up by the middle of January or so. However, there are a few successful goal setters—around 1%—who resolve to do something different, and then actually do!

How much are you worth?

Around the New Year, I find it easy to be reminded of your imperfections, flaws, and room for improvement. However, I thought I would take a couple of minutes and remind you how awesome you already are.
Sandler Advisor Winter 2016

Four Social Selling Best Practices for 2016

If your goal is to find more prospects, get more and better referrals, and make more commission dollars in 2016 than you did in 2015, consider upping your social selling game. Here are four quick tips that will help you avoid some common mistakes many salespeople make online.
Montague Sales

3 Ways to Double Your Business - Thinking Bigger Business

Most entrepreneurs and small-business owners are constantly looking for ways to grow their business. They usually only look in one of two places, sales or marketing. However, there is a third option, and it might be what you are looking for in order to double your business next year.
TravelHost Holiday

Holiday Happenings in Kansas City

Kansas City has some wonderful holiday traditions. As a visitor to our fine city, you are invited to participate in any of these public events.

Five ways to make more sales with referrals

Your goal should be to turn that tepid referral into a meaningful introduction. It may take a little more work on the front end but it will reap significant rewards on the back end.
9 Commandments of Social Selling

9 Commandments of Social Selling

That's what they meant by tablets, right? Having the right attitude and approach to social selling can make all the difference in your results. Focus on the 9 Commandments of Social Selling to keep your head right and your network happy!
Avoid These Worst Practices On LinkedIn

Avoid These Worst Practices On LinkedIn

I have been sharing a lot of best practices on LinkedIn this year, so I thought it was time to share some worst practices. Here are my top 5 things to avoid when social selling through LinkedIn.
Stress-Free LinkedIn Referrals

Stress-Free LinkedIn Referrals

Asking for a referral can sometimes make you and the prospect feel uncomfortable. Use LinkedIn and these simple steps to warm up your cold calls without making you or your connections sweat.