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Game On Podcast with Jackson Stuart

Mike Montague is a game show host, public speaker, podcaster, and writer. He has been a radio DJ, karaoke host, virtual game show host, MC, and DJ for live events including opening for Billy Idol, Frankie Valli, and MC-ed at Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill. He is also the founder of Playful Humans, a community […]

Measure What Matters in Your Content Marketing

I was interviewed for this expert roundup on content marketing. Learn how to measure what matters in marketing… “Measuring your content marketing’s impact on your organization can be a tough challenge. Things like brand awareness, net promoter score, and engagement are not easy to measure and can be challenging to tie directly to increased revenue. […]

Get Access to Sandler Online for Free!

In this is a special offer, you’ll have unlimited access to Sandler’s Education Learning Library (SELL) for one full year. With hundreds of audio, video, and downloadable resources, get to know Sandler’s best tips and success principles. Create your complimentary Sandler Online account today!

Invest in the Power of Training

A lot of small businesses struggle with employee development. If you train people and they leave, it hurts. If you don’t train them and they stay, it hurts even more!

When thinking about employee development, ask yourself this one question: Does my organization consistently contribute to the growth of its people in a manner that leads to positive results for them and the company?

9 Tips for Building a Competitive Sales Compensation Plan

When it comes to recruiting, hiring, and retaining great sales talent — few things are more persuasive and important than maintaining a competitive sales compensation plan. Pay too little and you’ll lose good salespeople to competing companies. Pay too much and your salespeople will get complacent and stop growing revenue.

The 4 Messages You Need to Start Closing More Deals from LinkedIn

It’s a fact — salespeople prefer making “warm calls” to “cold calls,” and they always will. Fortunately, if you’ve got a LinkedIn account and a few active connections, you’re in a good position to use the networking site to elicit powerful referrals that make a “warm” call a whole lot easier to execute. Here are two strategies to consider.

The Social Seller’s Bill of Rights

“Despite some opinions, salespeople do have a ‘Bill of Rights.’ “ Many years ago, David Sandler — a sales training and personal development pioneer — summarized the inalienable rights all salespeople hold.

This powerful list has made a big difference in my life, and recently I’ve noticed its principles are relevant to the emerging discipline of social selling. Here are the top 10 rights of social sellers. (The italicized notes are mine. This was published on the HubSpot Sales Blog.)

The Best Way to Get Rid of a Bomb – Thinking Bigger Business

Why it’s better to raise (and address) potential problems before a prospective buyer notices them. Have you ever lost a sale because of a problem you could have and probably should have dealt with earlier in the sales process? Have you ever lost a customer because you waited too long to tell them about a delay or defect? If you know a problem is going to blow up in your face, defuse it now.

3 Ways to Close the Year Strong with No Stress

As the Holidays approach and the year ends, businesses are preparing for the final push to ensure that their organizations reach their annual sales goals. It can be a time of considerable stress on sales teams and managers trying to reach the highest possible numbers and reap the benefits for themselves and their business. Not to mention, you still have to balance time off for the holidays and keep the family happy.

Marketing Boot Camp – 11/9

I had a blast teaching the Marketing Boot Camp for the Sandler Training franchisees from around the world last week! We created marketing funnels for our core product and created a marketing cookbook with recipes to attract and retain new clients. See you all next year!

3 Ways to Prevent Stress from Affecting Your Health

Stress is a critical part of the human experience. It’s your body’s reaction to extreme environmental changes, a heightened sense of danger, or emotional anxiety. Your body has three ways of dealing with stress: fight, flight or freeze. All of these can be good, if you’re in the path of an oncoming car, need a boost of adrenaline for a sporting competition, or you are suddenly face-to-face with a grizzly bear.