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Mike Montague has been involved with Sandler for over 20 years, as a global expert in sales and leadership. He co-authored the ground-breaking book, LinkedIn the Sandler Way which has been downloaded over 80,000 times and contributed to the Professors At Play Playbook. He also created and hosted the Social Selling Success online course, Leading the Next Generation online course, and the Goal Setting Success Online Workshop for Sandler, and co-created two courses in HubSpot Academy on Hybrid Selling and Starting Buyer-Focused Conversations.

Mike has also been published in the HubSpot Sales BlogThinking Bigger Business MagazineKC Business Magazine, TravelHost Kansas City, and many national internet publications. In 2015, he was named one of Kansas City’s Rising Stars.

Mike is also known as “Romeo” from Mix 93.3, 105.1 Jack FM, and as a MC for live events in Kansas City. He has entertained and educated over 2,000 audiences from 1 to over 15,000 over the past 15 years as a live performer. He has previously worked as the Promotions & Website Coordinator for Cumulus Media and the Chiefs Radio Network, and Internet Marketing Director at Ad Trends Advertising. Mike directly managed and edited over 50 blogs in his career.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Park University in Communication Theory, where he won first place in the State of Missouri for best sports writing and second place for best news writing from the Missouri College Media Association.

Popular Topics

  • Playful Humans

    Rediscover the power of play and watch productivity soar! Neuroscience proves that happy brains learn faster and are more flexible and resilient. Harvard Business Review reports that happy people are 31% more productive and have 37% higher sales. On the flip side, high-stress cultures can make employees 10-15 IQ points dumber. Learn the benefits of incorporating play into the workplace!
  • Creative Nerdery

    Sometimes, when pursuing lofty goals, we lose our creativity, passion, and sense of humor. We round off our edges and play it safe. If you are ready to get weird and win doing it, you will learn proven strategies and tactics for being more authentic, original, and awesome that will help you get to the top and stay there!

  • Social Selling Success

    Discover the most successful strategies for driving revenue with the latest technology, information, and social networks. Sandler Training, the worldwide leader in sales training, will show you how to add more information, prospects, and new revenue to your sales pipeline. Learn the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques of today’s top social sellers.

  • Guts and Humor

    There are two things that can make all the difference in your communication, especially a sales call, guts and humor. Chatbots and AI can’t match the power of your creativity and ingenuity. You can learn how to read the room and know when to break the rules or the expected norms to foster stronger bonds and better cultures.

  • No Soliciting

    Learn how to promote your business WITHOUT peddling, pushing, and price-cutting. An effective business development strategy to position yourself as a trusted advisor and to win a value based sale.


Mike Montague is currently looking for guest blogging opportunities. Please contact him to discuss trading articles or other strategic alliances.