Building a LinkedIn Network That Actually Adds Value

Mike Montague on People – Hello Tech Pros Podcast

Mike was invited to be a guest on the Hello Tech Pros Podcast with Chad Bostick to talk about how to build your professional network, build relationships, and how to communicate.

Key Takeaways

  1. People think soft skills and communication can’t be learned, but they can.
  2. Be strategic about how you build your personal network.
  3. Facebook is designed for “real” friends and connections.
  4. Twitter is great for celebrities and brands because you don’t need to follow back.
  5. LinkedIn is the business network, but you need to get specific on who you add.
  6. LinkedIn is a platform for developing interpersonal relationships.
  7. When you’re moving public/private roles you have different criteria on what social strategy to use.
  8. Have a litmus test before creating or accepting new invitations.
  9. The most powerful networks are small, tight groups with diverse people.
  10. Reply with a message before accepting: “Thanks for connecting, how can I help you?”

Click here to listen to the Hello Tech Pros Podcast with Mike Montague.