comfortable social selling routine

15 Ways to Create a Comfortable Social Selling Routine

There two kinds of people who create discomfort around social selling. These two groups are:

  • Those who sell for a living, but are deathly afraid of being considered a salesperson.
  • Those who sell for a living and have no idea about what professional sales actually involves.

The first group is worried about being too pushy … and the second group is too pushy.

The first group doesn’t want to be mistaken for the second group … and the second group doesn’t much care what prospects and customers think of the buying experience.

Then there is a third group, much less numerous than the other two: The accomplished social selling professional.

I’m often asked to define what an accomplished social selling professional looks like, sounds like, and behaves like. My favorite response to this question comes from Sandler trainer Mike Montague. His answer: Like a waiter.

Not just any waiter, though. The best waiter you ever had.

Great social selling professionals have the best of two worlds: They make sales online and they make friends online. That’s why the best salespeople, online and off, really are like great waiters at an upscale restaurant. They have that same customer-first mindset, and the same distinctive, hard-to-define sense of personal balance that supports a lot of relationships at the same time.

Don’t believe me?

Here are fifteen ways top-notch social sellers behave like top-notch waiters to create a comfortable social selling process for both buyer and seller: